5 drills to improve the football goalkeepers’ strength


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5 drills to improve the football goalkeepers’ strength

We propose 5 drills as example to improve the football goalkeepers’ strength. A very important content that sometimes we work poorly, due to lack of awareness… What else could be the reason for this? Why do we work it poorly? Intensity VS quality… Lack of material… Too much repetitions… Lack of weight control…


This is a not a criticism at all, but a thought…

  1. Have you ever thought about WHAT, WHICH, WHY and WHAT FOR do you work all those fitness contents you choose throughout the season?
  2. WHY do you choose to exercise on the field and not in the gym or anywhere else prepared for that purpose?
  3. Do you think they are as important as the goalkeeping exercises? Because sometimes… they take us a lot of time within our training sessions or plans.

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