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The figure of the goalkeeper coach has become increasingly essential inside of any technical body and club structure. Football evolves day by day and with it the specific role of the goalkeeper. This is where Mi Portería is born, a web magazine specialized in football goalkeeping coaching that tries to meet the needs the goalkeeper coach has.

We have been training ourselves for a long time, being self-taught and full of passion for our profession. From now on Mi Portería will be a space specially dedicated and designed for us. What for? To keep on training ourselves.

  • Hundreds of articles about technical, tactical, physical and psychological preparation…
  • Technical-tactical analysis of the major international leagues.
  • Interviews with great goalkeeper coaches and former professional goalkeepers.
  • Thousands of workouts and fully structured sessions.
  • Methodological templates you will be able to download and work with.
  • We show you how some goalkeepers departments of professional football youth academies work.
  • And soon… GOALKEEPER PLANNER! A tool integrated in the website where you will be able to create your own workouts, share them with other users and organize your sessions in seconds. A very intuitive, useful and powerful tool.

To make all this come true, we have a number of prestigious and well-known partners such as former professional goalkeepers, current goalkeeper’s coaches in First Division, sports psychologists, therapists… All of them are linked somehow to the specificity of the position.

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