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Are we ready for the CHANGE?

Once more, Pepe Peñarroja invite us to reflect on changes, something that many of us have given some thought and maybe because of fear, we have not dared to implement.

Let me assure you that there is nothing more challenging when writing a post that creating a new beginning. Maybe we keep the idea and the touch of previous posts (the ones that made them unique), but the truth is that we are afraid of the new writing does not meet the expectations or, worst case scenario, it is a FAILURE.

Now that I have gotten this off my chest, I would like to ask you a question:

 Why are human beings so scared of change?

Why writing a simple post causes us so many insecurities? Getting deeper into the subject, why does adapting to group training with the team makes us feel vulnerable as goalkeeping coaches?

The truth is that exercising with the team usually causes uncertainties that make the keeper uncomfortable, therefore he/she will have to solve these issues based on decision making. We can also assure you that we will not be able to analyse and improve technical gestures and tactical concepts automatically but… Isn’t that what it is all about? Have we ever considered the benefits of encouraging decision-making along with the team, so that our goalkeepers have the ability to decide in the face of uncertainty when playing a match? We realized automation is important, but we forgot how non-automatable this game is.

As goalkeeping coaches, we must update ourselves. This change implies having less control over what happens in every training session, less “specific” training time (using a word we thought was exclusive in our working time) and realizing that there is nothing more “specific” than what happens with the team, the real thing. We must accept that we have to step aside as main characters and let the game and the player take the wheel by efficient decision making and problem solving.

This change should not make us feel vulnerable since we are still a key piece in the goalie development (both specific and global). We simply have to recycle ourselves and keep on evolving along with the goalkeeper with specific drills that will help him/her work with the team. But above all, we must reinvent ourselves so that we can still provide our keepers with the right tools for the most specific and real workout: the teamwork.

To wind this article up, I will also confess that I was as afraid of the beginning of the post as I am satisfied after writing the end. Starts are never easy, but the feeling of having accomplish the goal of writing an essay is extremely rewarding once you look back. LET’S TRAIN OURSELVES FOR THE CHANGE!

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