✪ Coaching goalkeepers. A profession or hobby kind of damaging
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Coaching goalkeepers. A profession or hobby kind of damaging

People who don’t know our job or hobby think that being a goalkeeper coach consists of kicking and kicking balls. However, we know that isn’t true and it requires a big physical effort that most of times is not acknowledged.

In our more than 150 articles we had already written since we started this project, we focused on:

  • How to improve our goalkeepers
  • How to help them to understand or interpret situations
  • Exercises, sessions…

But we never talk about us, the goalkeeper coaches. We never talk about how important is to take care of ourselves physically in order to “hold on” the whole season without get injured.

The level of physical demand is determined by the category we are training and our training model/method. Most people think that a goalkeeper coach is that person that only “kicks” a ball. Well, following this simple analysis of what a goalkeeper coach allegedly is, let’s mark a series of very simple patterns/routines to “take care of ourselves”.

Patellar tendinopathy, lumbago, broken abductors or contractures… are the most common injuries of goalkeeper coaches. Kicking repeatedly hundreds of balls during the week is one of the most damaging activities there is. Worst of all is that we know it for a fact and yet we hardly ever do anything to prevent it.


Hip mobility, strengthening exercises, core, stationary bicycle, isometric exercises… must be present in our weekly routines. There are no excuses, due to it’s all about our health and these routines can be done in 15’ or 20’. We do not buy either: “there is no gym in my club!”, “there is no need!”


  • 5’ stationary bicycle
  • Hip mobility

  • Strength


  • 15’ – 20’ stationary bicycle
  • 5’ – 20’ roller for the areas we feel stiffer after the training session (abductors, quads, ischium, lumbar…). In case we do not have a roller, we can use a tennis ball.

  • We love the “happy cat – angry cat” exercise.

  • Stretches

We will give priority to the three largest stretches in the picture.

There are hundreds of exercises and routines and we can adapt them to our circumstances and requirements. What matters is doing something you feel good about.

How many times did you arrive to the training session kicking the ball like hell without a proper warm-up?

… Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Us too!

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