► Doing things correctly is not always a guarantee of success.

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Doing things correctly is not always a guarantee of success.

Doing things correctly is not always a guarantee of success.
Buffon is and has been a clear example of self-improvement. After the elimination of Italy for the Russian World Cup 2018, there is an image that will remain in our retinas. Concretely the above picture. In this article we will discuss how difficult it is to do the right thing at all times and not always the result to get will be positive. What emotions we have to overcome facing these adversities and how to overcome these setbacks. An article that we can perfectly extrapolate to our career as a goalkeeper coach.

The image of Buffon after Italy being out of the Russian World Cup 2018, has broken the hearts of many who grew up with his elegance under the sticks. After more than 20 years at the highest level, Gianluigi had set himself, years ago, the goal that this was his last World Cup. And only the idea of playing it at his age, was the final culmination to his brilliant career.

After the match and with a host of “weird” emotions in the stomach, our internal debate begins. That reflections storm that make you questioning what you are doing now, whether it is correct or not, if it is the right way, if you succeed what will happen, if you fail how you will face it…

And it is here, when appears the first of the reflections, about which we want to write:

Doing things “right”, as we think “we must” or should we… Ensures success?

We think that the answer is quick, concise and categorical: No!

As goalkeeper coaches, we can get into thousands of idyllic scenarios:

– To prepare a perfect training, in our understanding, being a complete success. Having managed to get the goalkeeper to embrace what we wanted to him to get…

– To be sit in front of the computer at the beginning of preseason, planning the different concepts to work, and, at the end of the season noticing a considerable improvement in our goalkeepers…

– To attend training courses, congresses, talks, presentations … And that all of them fulfil our highest expectations…

– To network with other goalkeeper coaches, make contacts, publishing our own articles, so that the next season we get an offer to train…

This may happen to us and it may NOT happen to us too. Now, yes, the easiest way in which these things will surely NOT happen to us is if we do NOT do them. If we do NOT generate habits, if we do NOT fight for our goals, if we make excuses for everything and dodge the issues … There are many more probabilities to fail or NOT to aim for our goals.

For example; It’s like that goalkeeper who positions correctly for a shot and still, it scores. In soccer and in life, there are other variations that do not depend only on us. But if we fall into the mistake of focusing too much on them and considering them the reason for our sorrows, if we dedicate ourselves to jumping into the training-field and contemplating, reflecting … We are not acting and taking conscience to do the right thing.

Frequently, the success comes when you lean towards it, without a contract, without promises of success, without the slightest expectation. Simply, it begins little by little, it is felt and being aware of the process-path. Leaning towards those goals gives us a boost. And one of the most extraordinary advantages is that you start to acquire the necessary boost, that invisible energy that attracts to us more opportunities, more facilities and more people who can help us.

It is true, that leaning towards a project or towards to what we believe that It is the right thing at times generates fear. Mainly because of the uncertainty of what it will bring. Sometimes, you have to take “risks” and face up certain issues that we can believe that exceed our capacity. Since we must be willing to face the process without necessarily seeing all the way from the beginning.

Surely, Buffon, when he decided to again play a world cup, felt the same uncertainty:

– Will it be the right thing?

– Will I overcome this challenge despite my age?

– Will the injuries respect me?

– Will I be able to get it?

Those and thousands of other questions would be deep inside. But what makes the difference between contemplating and acting is flowing, letting go, leaning towards your goal … And as the psychologists or coaches say, to get out your comfort zone. There is where the human potential is.

What if I do all this and, at the end, I do not achieve it?

Well, you have two options:

– Thinking I’m a loser or dodge the issue…

– Take the reins again and learn from the experience. Everything happens for a reason.

We are human and either of the two options is respectable. But remember, failure is the path to success. And fail is not synonymous with loser. The important thing is the attitude which you face the fail with. That is what defines you.

Everyone, at certain point in our lives, has made bad decisions or things have not turned out as expected. Even the most successful people in our opinion have sometimes stumbled. What makes the difference is how we face this situation and the first step is to accept it. Be aware that we have been wrong but that we are owners and masters of our present and now, we have one more learning, an experience, an experience that makes us more complete when making other decisions.

So… Learn or become the victim?

The self-sabotage, is a possible bump in the road which we can face to with. Our brain can make us believe that we are programmed to fail. Losing faith in ourselves, and even giving up taking seriously everything we try from now on.

Although it sounds like a topic, the only way to keep walking is to believe in one’s self. There is nothing left to do. But if you do not do it, you will not get it.

For example, the Spanish national football team had not played in the quarter-finals for decades until the 2008 European Championship. It was in that Euro Cup when the players broke that psychological barrier. They thought they could win and they did. No limits were set and it is the only team in history that has won the European Championship, the World Cup and the European Championship consecutively.

If your mind has no limits, neither will your results.

Lack of will and frustration are often other behaviours that may appear. Surrounding yourself with a positive environment and wanting to succeed can be the perfect allies.


What if, despite your attempts you fail? 

What if you thought you were doing the right thing and after so much effort the result is not what expected?


We’re sure that Buffon’s answer will be this one. And yours?

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