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Exercises to improve motor skills + base technique

Ejercicios para la mejora de la motricidad
Motor skills and technique drills for the goalkeeper are usually a good partner in the training processes of every goalkeeper. However, a lot of professional goalkeeping coaches also include these aims to their warmups and the beginning of the sessions. In the following post, we show you two drills as possible options for your training sessions.

In the last post, we wrote about “methodological corrections and motor skill in the goalkeeper”. And today, after thinking about that, we bring you two tasks for you to train with your goalkeepers or, at least, for helping you to design your own task.

Exercises to improve motor skills + base technique (117 downloads)

Exercises to improve motor skills + base technique 2 (108 downloads)




The most important thing when designing or deciding to add a post to your sessions is for you to keep in mind:


  • Aim of the task
  • How will you achieve it?
  • What do you want to achieve it for?
  • After finishing the task: did you achieve what you were looking for?


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