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Exercises to improve the goalkeeper skills through real game contexts

In many times we have discussed about the importance of generating real game contexts during the training sessions. In short, we need to train everything the competition will require. What for? To have a greater number of life experiences, to better interpret, to make our goalkeepers have more tools when perceiving-interpreting-deciding…

In the following video, we show you a series of game situations previously trained, or at least we tried to create a game context as similar as possible to the competition. In these drills, we must stress concepts such as:

  • Positioning – placement
  • References of player with the ball, teammates-rivals, playing options…

We must consider when designing the drills:

  • What kind of situation do we want to design?
  • From general to specific? In other words, should I pose more general situations and then reduce space to increase uncertainty?
  • Outside or inside the goal?

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Revista web especializada en el entrenamiento del portero de fútbol

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