► Juventus FC pre-match goalkeeper’s warm up


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Juventus FC pre-match goalkeeper’s warm up

Pre-match goalkeeper warm up is something that the goalkeeper coaches value very much. So today, we show you how one of the greatest of Europe trains, Juventus FC.

In previous posts, we’ve already talked about pre-match warming up, in a more theoretic way. But this time we bring you a warm up example/proposal. Specifically, the one the Juventus coach performs with his goalkeepers.

The warming up lasted for about 20’. It was relaxed and almost without high intensity actions. The number of repetitions per drill/task weren’t more than 4 per laterality. Between exercises, there was a long pause managed by the goalkeeper himself, in which the coach took the opportunity to give him advice. In the later part of the warm up (finalizations) the starting goalkeeper didn’t go to the goal and finished his warm up.


Should the warm up being managed by the goalkeeper or by the goalkeeping coach?

Simplicity and analytic situations in the tasks or tasks with uncertainty?

Parts of the warming up? Should be our dialog with the goalkeeper one of those essential parts for the activation, mental preparation?

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