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The importance of learning to relativize in the goal

The importance of learning to relativize in the goal
All throughout our goalkeepers careers or goalkeeper coaches we have had "depressions". How we face them and the importance of learning to relativize to adapt to them is what makes the difference.

As we commented in the previous article of Miporteria TV “Iker casillas in his last interview”, the simple fact of having heard his words inspired us to write about the following word: Relativize.

What is relativize according to the dictionary?

Giving something a minor value or importance.

In all sports career either as goalkeeper or goalkeeper coach, we have all had “depressions” or “crisis”. Moments in which everything seemed to be black, in which the world was against us, in which we gave a lot to football and football was not paying us with the same coin … Possibly in those moments in which we felt like this, We did not see the end of the road. And after a while and taking some perspective, we get to see it with another eyes, another prism. And even making fun of that which that much headache gave us.

And, I wish there was a magic wand that could give us solutions to all that frustrates us. True? Well, no.

If that happened … would we be what we are today? Would we know everything we know? Would we have adopted this point of maturity?

Not only decide to be a goalkeeper, but any other position implies many times suffering, pain, injustice. This is something that we have to learn to assume and accept. The HOW we do it is what will make the difference.

Accepting that we do not have the control to change all the situations of our lives, or to find a perfect solution to problems, is not an easy task. What can depend on us is the control to modify our interpretation of things and give a certain importance to what happens to us.

We are the ones who decide the importance we give to things. As much as life hurts, it continues. When this happens to us, let’s think that we have two possible ways to reflect on:

– Continue tormenting us, suffering, not enjoying the goal and what it offers us …

– Renaissance from our ashes. Giving importance to the things that really have it.

What can we do as goalkeeper coaches to change these dynamics in ourselves or in our goalkeepers?

HUMOR AND LAUGHTERS MUST BE THE FIRST PILLAR OF YOUR PLANNING. This does not mean not being serious and responsible. It is as simple as understanding that humor helps not to irritate us and gives us the possibility to solve things. By becoming more creative and moving away from anxiety. A good attitude is the fastest “virus” to infect when we are near to our goalkeepers.


We sometimes abuse the word CONFIDENCE or SELF-CONFIDENCE, sometimes we do not preach with it. LISTEN to your goalkeepers, BE EMPATHIC with them, TRUST them, DO NOT JUDGE them … Show them that they are capable of solving those small problems without being controlled by bad emotions. After all, the immensity of the universe is infinite. We with our problems are only a small part.

This does not mean that we play down of what they or we worry about, but so we do relativize it.

Do not worry, OCCUPY yourself. Give time to time … And time is precious, it can not be recovered. So think if it’s worth worrying about that. Remember that we decided to be goalkeepers or goalkeepers coach because it made us happy and that decision belongs to us.



Difficult role to accept for whom who’s turn is, and even more difficult to manage for the goalkeeper coach. It’s something that relates to the position, and, as the field player throughout the season can get to have some or more opportunities, in the case of the goal, it is something different.

What position do I adopt as goalkeeper coach to know how to manage this circumstance?

The first thing we must understand as coaches is that is something normal that the goalkeeper complains about not playing. Moreover, they must do it. The season is long and surely we have to have more than one talk with him, requested by them or by ourselves. Listen to him, ask him how he is, know how to understand what worries him … It is a starting point to try to be empathetic with them and that they in turn “let go” with us. In this way, you will be generating a climate of “good vibes”, trust, mutual respect.

And being here, there is only one speech left and that is … Worry and feel with them. Making them understand that things do not change in the way or position of the complaint. And even though they give everything and try it, they may still not change. But if they do not try … I’m sure everything will remain the same.
Is it a difficult situation? Yes! But surely, it will make you grow, it will make you learn. And that situation will make you a better goalkeeper. Sooner or later the opportunity will come and the best way to face it is from the calm, the tranquility. Knowing that the road has been hard but that one has done everything in his power.

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