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Magazine #5

  1. Technical pattern of the ground level collapse dive for football goalkeepers
  2. Template to identify shortcomings in the goalkeeper aerial game
  3. Exercises to improve the goalkeeper movement + collapse dive
  4. The importance of the second ball off the goalkeeper and its training
  5. The METAFOOTBALL as a learning space for the goalkeeper
  6. Technical pattern of the throw with bounce in the football goalkeeper
  7. That made me what I am. A goalkeeper
  8. The back pass in the goalkeeper: intention vs luck
  9. Coaching goalkeepers. A profession or hobby kind of damaging
  10. The importance of NOT losing the reference in the aerial game
  11. Methodological corrections and motor skill in the youth team goalkeeper
  12. Exercises to improve motor skills + base technique
  13. Exercises to improve the goalkeeper skills through real game contexts
  14. Express warmup for goalkeepers focused on back pass-end line
  15. FC Barcelona goalkeepers’ pre-match warming up
  16. Drill for the warmup (motor skill + gesture + technical action)