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“Empathy”. A key value in the current goalkeepers coach

Today, the goalkeepers coach is an active part of the coaching staff. One of the values that he/she has to handle perfectly is the “empathy”. A feature that has to manage in all goalkeepers trainings, being able to keep it throughout the season.

Withdrawal improvement plus 1x1 shot positioning interpretation task

Withdrawal improvement plus 1×1 shot positioning interpretation task

Analysing the competition of our goalkeepers is a task that every goalkeeper coach must perform. But if in addition to that, we are able to create our own goalkeeper training tasks with a transfer based on those errors or shortcomings that we perceive in competition, we will be making a very important quality leap. Today, we bring you a basic but very effective task to settle concepts and that occurs many times in training and match.

Doing things correctly is not always a guarantee of success.

Doing things correctly is not always a guarantee of success.

Buffon is and has been a clear example of self-improvement. After the elimination of Italy for the Russian World Cup 2018, there is an image that will remain in our retinas. Concretely the above picture. In this article we will discuss how difficult it is to do the right thing at all times and not always the result to get will be positive. What emotions we have to overcome facing these adversities and how to overcome these setbacks. An article that we can perfectly extrapolate to our career as a goalkeeper coach.