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The importance of placing and positioning in the football goalkeeper

The soccer goalkeeper is that field player who is asked to play with his feet and hands. But mostly play with the head from knowledge and interpretation. That is why today we talk about positioning and placing. Two tactical aspects of the game that every coach of goalkeepers should have very present in their workouts.

Goalkeepers evaluation in base football

Standard template for the goalkeepers evaluation in base football

Little by little, the first work cycles get to the end and collecting certain information is never too much. On this occasion, we bring you a template to be able to make several evaluations throughout the year and see their progressions. Mainly, the template is aimed at goalkeepers in base football categories. Although we can move it and work with it in any category.

Analysis of Madrid's goals against Bayern Munich

Analysis of Madrid’s goals against Bayern Munich

Once again the Champions returns to give us moments of authentic learning under sticks. On this occasion, we analyze the goals scored by Real Madrid. Two completely different situations in which there may be different interpretations.

Pepe Reina, tactical excellence

Pepe Reina, tactical excellence

Pepe Reina is without a doubt, one of the most complete goalkeepers in international football. Veteranía, technically perfect and with tactical excellence.

Motricity in base football and its structure in the task

Motricity in base football and its structure in the task

The motricity in goalkeeper training is necessary, even further if possible if we talk about base football stages. How to work it and create the ideal exercises is what we want to show you in this article. A brief reflection about how to structure your motor tasks according to your objectives.

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