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Footwork for goalkeepers

Footwork for goalkeepers

Footwork is still the great unknown even for many goalkeeping coaches and, on top of that, a hardly ever trained content specifically and with the team. This time, Diego Caneda gives us his point of view on this aspect of the game.

Analysis of the goalkeeper’s positioning and interpretation in close-range shots situations

The tactical situations that the goalkeeper face in football have different ways to be interpreted. In the next post, we structure the goalkeeper’s positioning and interpretation before close-range shots situations, and we also analyse some actions to try to understand how and what for, offering the reader different tools that may help him/her in the training sessions and with the relationships with the goalkeepers, as usual.

Kepa Arrizabalaga and David de Gea, two different training processes

Kepa Arrizabalaga and David de Gea are two of the most important goalkeepers of the current football scene. Using different ways and training processes, both made it to the top of the football elite through effort and natural quality. But which are the differences of their training methods?