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I am a goalkeeping coach! And yes… Coaching costs money

Unfortunately, this is a reality for many goalkeeping coaches. A hobby, a job, an investment of our time that often costs money. Unfair? Most probably yes, but how you adapt to this circumstance and which solutions you find, will be decisive in your sports career as a goalkeeper coach.

Triggering goalkeeper

In the last weeks a lot has been discussed about the amazing defensive action of Virgil Van Dijk for Tottenham but, would it have been different if the goalkeeper actions had been others? Could Sissoko have had multiple solutions? Can the goalkeeper be the triggering factor of these kinds of actions?

Comparative template for the goalkeeping analysis

The season is ending, and our sports directors, coaches and managers are starting to ask for reports and analysis of other and our goalkeepers. Even we feel the need for creating new templates to edit those reports. Here you are a template so you can download it and help with this aim.

Wuilker Faríñez, the most competitive goalkeeper in this Copa América

The Copa América is on and the best goalkeepers in the world are putting their gloves on to lead their national teams to the top. This is the case of the Venezuelan goalie Wuilker Faríñez, who has powerfully emerged, and a lot of people say that undoubtedly, he will be the best goalkeeper in this Copa América.

The new rematch of Thibaut Courtois

A new opportunity and a possible rematch for Thibaut Courtois are going to make things difficult for Keylor Navas this season, one of the goalkeepers with the best performances on the planet in the last seasons. At the moment, Courtois is starting to make some changes… what will they be?

Template to structure microcycles for the football goalkeeper

The season begins and it is very important to have ready all your methodology if you want to carry out your goalkeeping training sessions. In MyNotebook we always try to make the methodological work easy for you, and that’s why we bring you this template, so you can have ready your work microcycle in a matter of minutes. Download it!

Changing of the goal kick rules. A new paradigm for the football goalkeeper

As we mentioned in earlier occasions, football is an ever-changing sport. Coaches with new ideas and changes in the rules make possible the evolution of football season after season. Predictably, the figure of the goalkeeper will be key in this evolution, because its inclusion in the collective game is relatively early.


This is how a preseason with José Manuel Ochotorena looks like. Goalkeeping coach of Valencia CF and the Spanish National Team

In our featured article of this issue, we meet with one of most international well-known goalkeeping coaches, José Manuel Ochotorena, the current goalkeeping coach of the Spanish National Team and Valencia CF. This is an interview in which we mainly focus on the preseason training, but it leaves us very interesting thoughts about his training methodology and how he creates different lines of coaching through the competition. The post includes several videos where we can see some of his drills and pre-match warming ups.

FC Barcelona new trend when defending corner kicks?

We have dealt with many changes in our continuing efforts to further improve whilst football keeps on evolving. Everything has a reason to be, things are not done by inherited patterns anymore. One example is the way FC Barcelona’s goalkeepers defend the corners kicks.

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