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Real Madrid new signing: Areola analysis

The Real Madrid goal remains a mystery despite the League is already on. The arrival of the French goalkeeper Areola appears to be imminent and it seems that Courtois can finally rest easy. But, will it really be like that? What kind of goalkeeper is Areola? What’s his main skill as a goalkeeper? How does he train as a goalie?

Analysis of goals through the defender’s legs and the communication pattern in the goalkeeper

When we watch the Champions League and the league matches, we can observe an increasingly common scenario in football. It may seem they are isolated cases, but in fact they are more frequent than we imagine. We are talking about goals that are scored through the defenders’ legs. This situation does not depend directly on the goalkeeper, but it has a great impact on him, because in many cases it prevents him from performing. This is a weapon we can use against the opponent, but we must train hard so it cannot turn against us.

Fuerza y preparación fisica en el portero de futbol

5 drills to improve the football goalkeepers’ strength

We propose 5 drills as example to improve the football goalkeepers’ strength. A very important content that sometimes we work poorly, due to lack of awareness… What else could be the reason for this? Why do we work it poorly? Intensity VS quality… Lack of material… Too much repetitions… Lack of weight control…

3 drills to improve the reaction speed of the goalkeeper

The reaction speed is one of those work contents goalkeeping coaches usually train the days previous to the match mainly. In this article you will find three exercises to improve this aspect by trying to respect the real context of the game. But first, we leave you some methodological thoughts and considerations.

Methodological proposal and 6 drills to improve crossing

In this article we show you a methodological proposal along with six progressive tasks to improve crossing. Whether you are coaching in youth leagues or in performance, crossing is one of those concepts that goalkeepers are required to master. As goalkeeping coaches, we need to care and spend time on this.

10 express warmup tasks with tactical content

How many times have you found yourself in the situation of barely having 15 minutes to warmup your goalkeepers? And what kinds of drills or exercises did you end up choosing? Here you are 10 “express” warmup tasks where the tactical content is one of the most important things within the organization.

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