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Leganés CD goalkeepers pre-match warmup

We show you an entire pre-match warmup of Leganés CD. It is from season 2018-19, but we found it very interesting and worthy to revive, due to the fact this warming up proposes some new and different drills.

Pre-training strength routine for goalkeepers

Many of you have for some time been asking for some strength routine to perform with your goalkeepers before starting the training sessions in the field. This is a brief warming up focused on strength, where we look for acceleration – deceleration and movement quality.

Penalties from the goalkeeper’s perspective: something more than just luck

Penalties have been the true stars of many FIFA World Cups, Champions League, qualifying rounds… And the endless discussion is still on and on: Are penalties shootouts drilled? Can they be guessed? Are they only a matter of luck? In today’s post, we show you a thorough study of all these theories and what is the goalkeeper’s perspective.

Paradigm vs evolution in goalkeeper coaching

Deportivo Alavés B goalkeeping coach, Rubén Arce, brings us a very interesting reflection comparing paradigm and evolution in goalkeeper training today. He ends the reflection with one of the most valuable concepts in our last articles: the goalkeeping coach adaptation.

Session to improve 1×1 for youth teams’ goalkeepers

The 1 on 1 play is still one of those key goals in our planning as goalkeeping coaches. That’s the reason why we show you four drills that could perfectly be a 1×1 session coming together with other exercises such as motor, blocking… Download them now!

Rutina fisica porteros desde casa

Specific fitness routine for goalkeepers MiPorteriaencasa 1

Shall we start? Due to the worldwide pandemic situation we are living, our physical activity has been greatly reduced. And yet, there are no excuses for not working out routines everyday such as the one we show you next. Just 20 minutes and your hips and body balance will be grateful.

Manu Sotelo talks on Instagram Live

We talk live with Manu Sotelo, one of the best-known goalkeeping coaches internationally. An hour full of questions, reflections and chances to further improve our methodology as goalkeeper coaches.

Máster Internacional para Entrenadores de Porteros

Conoce más a fondo toda la información sobre el mayor evento del 2021 para entrenadores de porteros

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