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Message of hope and truce for us, the goalkeeping coaches

2020 has been a tough year for all of us! But people are judged by their actions and maybe this past year our profession has not been entirely good… What do you think?

There are times or situations in which you may feel you are losing faith in the promise of a better life and future: losing the people we love most in life, unemployment, physical weakness, mental illness, the diagnosis of a chronic disease… Although there is no need to go that far, lots of goalkeeping coaches have felt that way along 2020, because our personal challenges or just our excitement for training were thwarted since the beginning of the year.

All those situations may shatter our expectations or what we may think about the future. The loss or not being able to carry out what we consider important and valuable to our professional and personal growth can disorientate us even though we carry a compass. Many of us will need new paths or strategies to achieve old goals, so in many cases, we will take new directions, or we will need to REINVENT OURSELVES.

But let’s start 2021 writing down the following sentence in our methodologies and behaviour goals:

“The way we plan our future determines how well we live our present”.

We usually set our goals, challenges, and dreams in our New Year’s resolutions… but we rarely give thought or question what our own actions by being self-critical, both with ourselves and everything that surround us. This is the only way we will improve what we find harder:

What can I do or what is within my power? What is up to me? We must think about all this without avoiding the issue…

That is the reason why we want to start 2021 asking ourselves:

Are we more interested in playing to the gallery?

Are we training just to get more followers?

Are we training just to show off?

We do not understand why yet! But are we losing the essence of “coaching”? Are we losing the essence of what being a “goalkeeping coach” means? Are we forgetting about the true reasons we started coaching? Are we “poisoning ourselves” along the way? Is our ego becoming bigger than our common sense?


Our best traits over the years have been our closeness, sympathy, and respect… Those are values we will never lose. However, during 2020 and the last months, we have given much thought to a matter of deep concern which saddens us. We want to share it with you honestly, to reflect and with no judging intention. We just want to invite REFLECTION on what we do, why we do it and what we do it for.


Thousands of clips, thousands of drills, a lot of valuable information (and no so valuable). We ourselves resorted to these useful resources to get new ideas, new ways of training, new ways of understanding coaching…

Like everything in life, there are things we love, and other that not so much; but we can learn from ALL OF THEM. It is true that we do not share the point of view or understand goalkeeping coaching with too much equipment such as boxes, ropes, caps, glasses, rackets, rebounder nets, tyres, fire, military boots, masks…

But not sharing it or not understanding it, does not mean we do not respect it. We do respect it, but we are just not convinced by it. We are not 100% convinced by that kind of coaching, so we do not use it as our coaching base, mainly because too much equipment is used. We think that too much equipment can spoil the drills, make the goalkeeper act like an automaton rather than an efficient field player able to make decisions by him/herself without the constant need for approval from their coach. Or worse: without the yell to feel that the goalie is training full capacity = “Good?”.

Nevertheless, occasionally we have used some equipment we have talked about earlier. But we always use it having into account the age group we are coaching, the goalie current situation, the moment of the season…

In a nutshell, depending on the goalkeeper needs, never depending on our own: recognition, success, recording videos to post them on social media or sell them, more followers…

Many of you wrote to us via social media or email to express your frustration with different issues that concern you and asked for advice to solve those problems. We helped you happily, but there was a matter of particular concern to us, since it has been repeating a lot and many of your questions were about how to deal with that situation:

There were coaches BADMOUTHING other profession colleagues, banning them from visiting some places, criticising their job, blocking them on social media because they feared being caught or copied…

Ladies and gentlemen, the world of football is very small, and we all know each other very well!

And do those dare to call themselves TRAINERS publicly

HUMAN SKILLS are more important than professional skills!!!

These are difficult times for us, the goalkeeping coaches, but if we do not help each other, who will? We are not even asking for help (everyone is free to help or not), we are just asking for RESPECT.


Does the end justify the means?

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