► Motor skill tasks and its application in the goalkeeper warm up

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Motor skill tasks and its application in the goalkeeper warm up

The goalkeeper mobility is a work content that the goalkeeping coaches usually add to our specific sessions. In the next post, we analyse when we can rely on this work content and show you three tasks samples.

The motor skill tasks have always been the perfect goalkeeping coach ally. Whether for lack of space or because we associate coordination to a very important part of the goalkeeper technique, the fact is that they are present in most of our training sessions. But,

Do we know what the purpose is? 

Are we aware of their benefits? 

Why do we add them to our sessions?

When can we use the motor skills more efficiently during the session?

When designing our tasks and planning our sessions, we must consider several determinants:

  1. Space: how much space do I have and how am I going to use it?
  2. Resources: what equipment do I have?
  3. Time: how much time do I have to work a specific drill with the goalkeepers before they start the tasks with the whole team?
  4. Number of goalkeepers: this can determine the task.
  5. Aim and contents to work.


If our aim in the tasks is motor skills, space must not be a hindrance, because in a few square metres we can carry out an excellent work in which the goalkeeper train motor aspects such as coordination, agility, balance, pace…

In the above graphic, we can observe how the task consists of 3 sequences. If for any reason, we can’t use that space to perform the task, one option/variation is to do it by relays. In other words:

  • Relay 1: Frontal frequency + Aerial catching
  • Relay 2: Zigzag between the poles + Aerial catching
  • Relay 3: Proprioception on rings + Aerial catching

Another time when we are going to find ourselves in the need for designing motor skill tasks along with technical actions is in front of that situation in which the coach asks us: “You have 15 minutes to warm up the goalkeepers!”. It is important to think about this situation as a challenge and a chance to improve us, and to design a fast but rich in content warm up in a short period of time. If we start complaining and we get frustrated because we don’t have time to work with our goalkeepers, there is a chance of repeating drills over and over and not giving the goalkeeper the necessary tools to face the training properly. Not to mention that we will be projecting that negativity and anger to the goalkeeper, unintentionally.

In the face of adversity, I grow, I adapt, and I offer efficient solutions!

As we said before, the mobility in this case can be a good ally to these fast-warm ups. Also, they are usually tasks the goalkeeper performs gratefully.

1 Warm Up Type Frequencies + Collapse Diving



2 Mobility + technique actions


3 Mobility + Base Catching Technique


These tasks can be a fast warming up for the goalkeepers to perform finishing drills later with the rest of the team, or a tactical work from area to area, since basic concepts such as catching, collapse diving, aerial catching, movements, base positioning… have already been worked out. In addition, thanks to the motor skills drills, we have already warmed the body properly.

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