► The new rematch of Thibaut Courtois

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The new rematch of Thibaut Courtois

A new opportunity and a possible rematch for Thibaut Courtois are going to make things difficult for Keylor Navas this season, one of the goalkeepers with the best performances on the planet in the last seasons. At the moment, Courtois is starting to make some changes… what will they be?

Last season Thibaut Courtois wore number 25 on back, Keylor wore number 1, and Casilla wore 13. What is new is that the Belgian has chosen a different number this time. Apparently, he didn’t like wearing number 25, especially because it is considered a number for a third goalkeeper, and he has been chosen as first team goalkeeper for season 2019-20.

We will see Thibaut Courtois wearing number 13 on the playing field and everywhere. Number 25 is now available and the Belgian made the decision after Casilla signed for Leeds United.

Courtois intends to become more important this season by improving his marks comparing to last season. His origins as a Real Madrid player were kind of irregular. Was it maybe because of the pressure for such a radical change and the big expectations? Thibaut is facing the new season like a personal rematch, like he had something to finish off and he wanted to probe himself by being the goalkeeper that Zidane needs, leading one of the goals with more responsibility of the world.

In season 2018-19 he was late to face the tense fight for the goal with Keylor Navas, one of the best goalkeepers of the planet. After Zidane left, the club decided to reinforce the goal and signed Courtois. The spotlight focused on the goal and the decision Lopetegui would make. Courtois, a “galáctico”, against Keylor’s flawless campaigns, a debate that got people talking over the whole season.

Lopetegui decided to give the league to the Belgian and this decision made Courtois suffer the crisis under the posts that knocked down the Basque, after five matchdays in a row without winning: a draw and four losses. The last one, a painful 5-1 against Barça. Courtois didn’t get used to it neither feel comfortable in the goal. He hesitated in his actions and even he was under suspicion. What is more, some fans asked the Champions goalkeeper to come back to the first team. But the arrival of Solari allowed him to have full powers in the League and the Champions. The Belgian become important, but he was in torment because of the bad results, when Real Madrid had to say goodbye to the League and the Champions at the drop of a hat.

New season, new mindset. Will that be Courtois new attitude? Let’s keep in mind that even so, Keylor’s good work, his professionality and his ability of achievement, will make things really hard for the Belgian.

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