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New technologies applied to goalkeeping training

Anyone who is involved in sport, especially football, is aware and has witnessed how in just a few years this world is changing at the same time as new tools are appearing to facilitate and improve daily work. In this article we want to bring goalkeeping coaches closer to the new technologies that have been developed and that we believe are more useful to improve goalkeeping training.

The transformation that sport, and especially football, has undergone as a result of the inclusion of new technologies in the day-to-day running of clubs is unprecedented. It has changed the way of training, the way of signing, physical preparation and we dare say that the game has even evolved in large part because of it.

In almost any field pertaining to football that we enter, psychology, physical preparation, technical-tactical preparation, we see countless examples of professionals using different tools to improve their work and, consequently, the performance of footballers. Big data platforms, GPS to measure the training load, encoders and isoinertial systems to improve strength work, applications for the design of tasks, etc. It is clear that all these things are the order of the day, but at the same time they raise many questions.


Is the same true for goalkeeper training, is there applicable and useful technology to improve the performance of our goalkeepers, and is this technology available to everyone?


Just like the training of players, goalkeeper training is also made up of many fields: physical preparation, technical-tactical, analysis, scouting, etc. Below, we will present the technological tools that we consider to be the simplest and that are within the reach of almost any budget.

Starting with physical preparation, we propose the use of two mobile applications, MyJump 2 and Runmatic, both scientifically validated thanks to the research of their creator and useful for measuring many things through different tests. We invite you to use them for three very specific tasks: vertical jump, jump asymmetry and stiffness.

The vertical jump will allow us to know what power our goalkeeper is capable of developing in a jump, either from static or using the stretch-shortening process. The asymmetry test allows us to know what power our goalkeeper develops in the vertical vector in each leg separately. And finally, the running test will allow us to know what strength our goalkeeper develops in the horizontal vector, what stiffness he is able to generate in each of his legs and if there is any asymmetry.

In addition to all this, we must not lose sight of the fact that beyond these values, the applications for assessing the physical condition of our goalkeepers not only allow us to measure this, but also, and most importantly, they allow us to measure the evolution of fitness so that we can know if the training, in this case strength training, is well focused.

We continue with another physical ability, speed, specifically specific speed, which is fundamental for the goalkeeper’s performance because it will allow him to execute specific technical actions as quickly as possible.

To develop speed, we suggest the BlazePod lights, which you have already seen how they work in previous articles on the platform. These lights can be controlled via a mobile app and allow us to generate an infinite number of exercises and on/off sequences to take reaction and gestural speed work to the extreme.


Continuing with the analysis and scouting of goalkeepers, so important for the daily technical and tactical improvement, and also for the technical secretariats of the clubs, there are numerous Big Data platforms on the market. Among all of them, we suggest the use of two: Instat Football and Wyscout.

Both platforms, in addition to collecting video and player data, have developed specific software that collects the specific actions of goalkeepers in competition. These platforms are capable, among other things, of grouping the goalkeeper’s actions according to the distance from which the shot is taken and also provide statistical data on the effectiveness of these actions. It also provides us with curious probabilistic data such as, for example, the percentage of probability that our goalkeeper will concede a goal per shot taken.

In short, they are platforms that handle an immense amount of data that require prior knowledge to interpret them, but which, if done astutely, can lead us to draw immense conclusions about the game and the performance of our goalkeeper.

Finally, now focused on improving technical-tactical aspects, there are a huge number of applications and platforms to record the tasks that we carry out day after day on the pitch. As it cannot be otherwise, for us the star platform to collect and organise all our specific goalkeeper training tasks is our own, Goalkeeper Planner.

Through our platform you can create almost any type of exercise you want, and not only that, in addition to accessing your personal library of exercises, we give you the opportunity to access another library generated with our own exercises and those of other components of the web so that your range of exercises takes on a greater dimension. You will be able to find exercises for aerial play, footwork, 1vs1, short and long-distance shooting, etc.

We can say that new technologies are here to stay, in fact, they are already established, and it is our obligation as goalkeeping coaches to use them to provide the maximum number of possible resources for our work and therefore enrich the work of our goalkeepers.

About the author

Alberto Segarra

Coordinador del departamento de creación de contenido de Miporteria
Graduado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte
Entrenador Nivel III por la RFEF
Entrenador de porteros en 2ºB Alzira

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