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Odisseas Vlachodimos’ scouting. The goalkeeper that makes half the Premier fall in love

We analyse Odisseas Vlachodimos, Benfica goalkeeper. After his last season and the beginning of this one, he has caught the attention of the best clubs in Europe. Do you want to know him a little better?

Odisseas Vlachodimos has been in our scouting net for a long time, since we saw him playing a match for Stuttgart in season 2013-14. We were surprised by his speed and interpretation maturity, at only 19. We did not doubt, no for a moment, that if he kept that progress, he would become one of the goalkeepers with the most future in Europe. Little by little, so it is, since clubs such Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are following him closely…

Odisseas Vlachodimos


Generally speaking, goalkeepers reach their maturity (full potential) at about age 30. At this age it is supposed life has given them a wealth of game experience that makes them able to achieve a remarkably rapid response when deciding. If we talk about Odisseas, at only 24 he has the tactical interpretations of a truly veteran (fully experienced). Why?


In the video we can watch several situations in which the goalkeeper does NOT lose reference from the goal and withstands the rival’s shot. Thanks to a good body structure, he gets to touch the ball perfectly. In other words, without giving the opponent a second chance.

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Having a total body control in situations in which the rival controls the ball, is not a simple task. Narrowing the space so much that there is no possible angle or chance of shot, stopping just in time and keeping his balance so as not to fall quickly and commit a penalty… Those are the skills Odisseas masters, match after match.


We have talked about this concept lots of times, since we’re watching more and more goals thanks to situations generated from the end line. Being supportive and participative is a first step, but we mustn’t forget that NOT losing the reference from the post is the main concept. And Odisseas masters this concept too!

Controlling and being able to properly interpret all these situations, have consequences: all the greatest European Clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United…) are fighting over this magnificent goalkeeper. At only 24, Odisseas shows promise as one of the best goalkeepers on the planet.

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