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Pepe Reina, tactical excellence

Pepe Reina, tactical excellence
Pepe Reina is without a doubt, one of the most complete goalkeepers in international football. Veteranía, technically perfect and with tactical excellence.

The other day, we read on marca Marca newspaper an interview of Jorge Valdano to  Fernando Torres, in which the child confessed: in my first season from the red-white team, heading to Liverpool, “I remember the first game at Anfield against Chelsea. I did not hear anything, the atmosphere was spectacular. Pepe Reina came and said: ‘Look, this is what I was talking about, it’s what you deserve, so enjoy it”, he confesses.

To many of us, when we hear about Pepe Reina, that smile comes out unintentionally. We do not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, which would be an honor. But so we have enjoyed his game, his performances, his interventions and all of them make us think that he is one of those “guys” whom we would share with  hours and hours talking about football and many other things. Since in all of them is perceived EXCELLENCE, MATURITY, INTELLIGENCE AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT VALUES IN LIFE: HUMOR.

But let’s talk about Pepe Reina as goalkeeper coaches. What can we say about him? The following images talk by themselves.

We could say of Pepe, which is all that a goalkeeper should gather:

  • Wingspan
  • Power
  • Technically perfect
  • With a tactical and maturing base that borders more than excellence
  • Competitive and winning character
  • Reflective
  • Able to bring that “good mood” in the happy and bitter moments

Holds well in goal before the possibility of a possible shot. Being able to assess the situation of the opponent and the possibility of a pass to space. Playing at that moment a 1 × 1. A 1 × 1 in which does not go quickly to the ground and maintains a correct body structure that is possibly the one that allows you to get that ball.

Before the delivery he perceives the ball trajectory and decides not to end up holding the shot in goal …

Instead of playing a 1 × 1 prefers to hold and play a shot despite the proximity of the ball keeper in which reaction gets hit with the ball deflecting …

Actions that are worthy of analysis and which, as a conclusion, come to summarize what a goalkeeper should be today.

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