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Session to improve 1×1 for youth teams’ goalkeepers

The 1 on 1 play is still one of those key goals in our planning as goalkeeping coaches. That’s the reason why we show you four drills that could perfectly be a 1x1 session coming together with other exercises such as motor, blocking… Download them now!

The 1 on 1 is still a very interesting play situation when analysing it, because it allows different visions and opinions depending on who’s interpreting it. We should remember this:

“Play interpretation depends greatly on your football background, your past errors/mistakes, what worked for you and what did not… and what you learnt from all of that”.

Curiously, despite European Leagues have stopped, we have lots of statistic data about goalkeeping plays, and this is what we know regarding 1 on 1 in Champions League:

  • It happens an average of 1,5 times per match

We will talk about this data soon in other articles, but now we leave you this one last thought:

  1. How many of those 1×1 lead to a second ball off?
  2. Of those “second ball off”, how many of them end up in goal?
  3. Of those goals, how many of them could have been prevented by risking a shot?

Showiness vs effectiveness! 

Now we leave you 4 drills that you can perfectly use as a session, because they are increasingly more difficult and intense. You can strengthen the concept of 1×1 in the earliest phases of Youth Teams.

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