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Specific fitness routine for goalkeepers MiPorteriaencasa 1

Shall we start? Due to the worldwide pandemic situation we are living, our physical activity has been greatly reduced. And yet, there are no excuses for not working out routines everyday such as the one we show you next. Just 20 minutes and your hips and body balance will be grateful.

In the following video you will watch the first basic fitness routine to start our physical workouts at home. These exercises are equally useful no matter if you are a goalkeeping coach or a goalkeeper because they are focused on two key aspects:

  • Hip joint mobility
  • Core


The main function of the hip is to give strength and balance to the body. Around the hip there are major muscles such as psoas, adductors, rectus femoris or glutes.

The lack of hip joint mobility is one of the limiting factors that can affect our workouts sessions because we are talking about sudden and harmful movements.

What is more, if you are not able to move your hips properly, you may face two problems:

  • Negative impact on your physical performance.
  • Potential related problems like lumbago due to psoas shortening. This happens because the lower back supports the weight that should be supported by your glutes and, as you may know, that’s not the lower back’s job. That’s why it might end up injured.

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