► Analysis and reflection of stepping forward in front far shoot situations

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Analysis and reflection of stepping forward in front far shoot situations

We analyse one of the acts of Peter Cech, Arsenal keeper, in one of his last matches. Concretely a situation where he makes an excessive step forward for a shoot in the front of the goal area.

In some of our articles we have written about the different types of keeper profiles. Personally we believe that there’s no one “good” and other “bad”, but in the other hand, depending of the type of keeper we find, a profile adapts better to his physical, technical conditions…

Today we’ll write of the steps forward to far shoots, concretely, we’ll analyse a Premier League match that Peter Cech played on last 2017 Dec 12th.

How many time have we seen this type of acts/decisions in a goalkeeper? Indeed, only some years ago, maybe we did not pay any attention. But nowadays, with a huge change in the football, and one these changes was precisely in the goal, we find necessary to analyse this action. But analysing it does not mean getting the conclusion about “well” of “wrong”. As goalkeeper coaches we must go deeper in each of the situations and goalkeepers decision makings. Making reflections about them and trying to have empathy to understand deeper the sensations that oneself has when is in a football field.

In the left slide we can analyse how, just in this moment, is when Cech begins moving forward. This might be due to, after assessing the situation, he interprets the possibility of a inner pass to the defences back, and moving forward he could defend this space with more success.

On the contrary, decides to move forward, because in shoots from the front line, and in those distances, he feels more comfortable saving.

At this point, and because of the posture (stimulus that the goalkeeper always must pay special attention), the only possibility is the shoot.

Although in the slide cannot be seen, in the video we can see how Cech, just at the moment of the shoot, makes a last fitting, opening his legs more that usual.

This type of fitting or vertical jumps are made many times for:

  • Take strength in the impulsion.
  • Take stability and balance having a wider sustenance basis.

What is unquestionable is that he haven’t had enough time for prioritising a correct posture, which will cause that, due to the shoot proximity to this position, this will surprise him.

Moving forward excessively in such front and with such distance situation, not only reduces the reaction time, but also makes a possible drift with a second action, precisely because of the lack of time for reaction.

With this reflection we don’t want create a debate about if moving forward is better or worse, but simply make our keepers thinking:

Have you evaluate the consequences of stepping forward excessively in these situations?

And then make this reflection together.

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