► Technical pattern of the ground level collapse dive for football goalkeepers


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Technical pattern of the ground level collapse dive for football goalkeepers

The goalkeeper technique is content that goalkeeping coaches like and want to work, especially in football youth team stages where young goalkeepers absorb like sponges everything we suggest. Today we bring you an analysis of the behavioural technical pattern of the ground level collapse dive.


The goalkeeper in basic position, with the feet shoulder-width, knees slightly bent, on tiptoe, trunk forward with head up looking at the ball and arms in 45º angle separated from the body, will make a trajectory calculation of the ball.

As a general rule, the goalkeeper will perform this type of blockings for balls heading to lateral areas close to their starting position, because he/she won’t need an aerial phase. The ball trajectory will be clear: ground level. A lateral stretch will be required to catch the ball.

To do so, the goalkeeper will perform a previous lateral movement to get closer to the ball trajectory as a rule, because it may not be necessary, depending on the movement.

The goalkeeper movement will be performed by short, fast and balanced movements, always keeping the eyes on the ball, without losing the reference.

It’s absolutely crucial that the goalkeeper gets as close as possible to the ball to make the goalkeeper manual work easier. 

After the movement, the goalkeeper will perform a diagonal collapse attacking and shortening the ball trajectory. This mechanics will facilitate the collapse diving progression when bending the knee in which we put all the weight and the body balance.

As the goalkeeper gets closer to the ball trajectory, he/she will place hands as follows:


ground level collapse save

It’s important that the collapse dive is perform before the own body axis. To do so, the goalkeeper must first attack the trajectory with the trunk followed by his/her arms and hands. He/she must never wait!

Once the goalkeeper is in contact with the ball, will perform a little elbow cushioning to easily absorb the impact and to prevent the ball from bounce.

Then, the goalkeeper will bring the ball to his/her abdomen to balance the body inertia in the collapse save, along with the leg that is NOT in contact with the floor, that must be up and well stretched.

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