► Technical pattern of the throw with bounce in the goalkeeper


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Technical pattern of the throw with bounce in the football goalkeeper

The football goalkeeper technique is a fascinating content for many coaches. Specially if we talk about coaches focused on youth teams. This is why in this post we bring you the technical pattern of the throw with bounce. A simple analysis that will help you to think about this technical action.

One of the many technical actions that the goalkeeper performs during the competition or the training sessions to give continuity to the game is the throw with bounce. A technical action that is used a lot and usually it is worked with youth teams for a proper mechanization. However, we are detecting some common mistakes in the youth team’s mechanical execution lately.

Have you ever considered why the trajectory of the ball tends to curl when the goalkeeper moves fast to perform a long throw with bounce? Or why is your goalkeeper unable of giving the ball enough power in the throw? Do you feel the gesture is unnatural for the goalkeeper?


We are going to try to answer all those questions with this small analysis of the mechanics of execution.

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