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Template to identify shortcomings in the goalkeeper aerial game

The goalkeeper aerial game is such a challenge for us, the goalkeeper coaches, no matter which age category we are coaching. Today we bring you a methodological template for you to identify in which moment of the execution phase the most common failures occur.

The aerial game is that kind of goalkeeping improvement content every goalkeeper coach is worried about, especially if we are training youth teams, where the mechanization of the different stages is going to be crucial to create a basis on which we can make a real progress.

It’s very “common” for a goalkeeper to make mistakes in these kinds of situations. And because this is “common”, as goalkeeping coaches, we must give that kind of normality before our goalkeepers. This does not mean that we should look the other way. We must make them see and understand that proper interpreting and making a good decision in order to execute the action on the ball properly, it’s very hard, especially in youth team stages.

It is at this point where our template takes action. Many times, we see our goalkeepers simply fail, because they’re not able to find in which phase or where they made the mistake and why. We have divided the phases of execution in the template we propose:

  • Positioning – Base position
  • Interpretation of the situation
  • Movement
  • Jump – Impulsion
  • Technical gesture
  • Collapse – Protection

Then, we have developed the most common mistakes that are made in these kinds of situations, independent of the age category. After a session of aerial game o during the competition we can detect where exactly a mistake is made and consequently elaborate an action plan to improve the goalkeeper.

Here you are an excel file template to add or remove whatever you want. Remember that the aim of these templates is the reflection and helping you to develop your OWN METHODOLOGY.

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