Template for the analysis of the penalty kicks for goalkeepers

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Template for the analysis of the penalty kicks for goalkeepers

How many times did you think about studying the penalty shooters you are going to play against? This could be truly useful information to help your goalkeeper, couldn’t it? Download this template and let your analysis begin!

Nowadays, it is important to study every single detail in competition. That’s the reason why we give you a penalty shooters record template per team. You will be able to fill in the form and download it to send it to your goalkeepers, as well as keep it with you in the bench in case of penalty, allowing information to be provided to your goalkeepers if necessary.

The template is divided in 5 shooters. A main shooter and other four possible shooters. We can add a photography of each shooter, his/her name and two more boxes to write down any relevant features. We can also note the strategy to follow to face him/her. Moreover, we will find a goal diagram where we can write down the missed shots (in red) and the scores (in green).

Download your template here:

Template analysis penalty kicks for goalkeepers (486 downloads)


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