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Transfer market goes crazy with the goalkeepers

Transfer market has gone crazy with the goalkeepers this summer. Now, goalkeepers take part in football inflation and they have gone forward. Coaches, managers and clubs have started to realize and value the importance of creating a project from the football goal.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, Courtois, Alissson Becker, Sergio Rico, Buffon… They are the names of this summer transfer market. A transfer market that has been dominated by goalkeepers, paying astronomical amounts that make them been well valued in a crazy market. After so many years, goalkeepers play a part in the football inflation.

Chelsea’s 80M for Kepa, Liverpool’s or 75M for Allison bang on the table and make goalkeepers taking precedence. Will happen the same on next seasons with goalkeeper coaches? Many goalkeepers include in their contracts their coaches, such as Buffon. In his contract, imposed a clause whereby his Juventus’ goalkeeper coach had to become in his goalkeeper coach in the Parisian club. PSG agreed to it because Javi García went with Unai Emery to Arsenal and there was a vacant position.

Let’s remember some of the more expensive signings of the last decade:

Kepa / €80M

After Courtois’ signing for Real Madrid, Chelsea found a lock for its goal. For that purpose, they have signed to Athletic Club’s goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabalaga, becoming the most expensive trade in this position.

Alisson / €75M

After last Champions league’s final, everybody knew that Liverpool wanted to sign a guarantee keeper. With the Brazilian keeper Allison Becker, they make a leap forward.

Ederson / €40M

Last summer Pep Guardiola decided to make a change in the goal. A goalkeeper with a specific profile like Ederson came in his plans. Marchester City paid €40M.

Neuer / €32M

Bayern’s goalkeeper arrived to Munich in 2011 after paying 30M to Schalke 04. In those days, Neuer was already Germany’s goalkeeper and he was destined to be one of best keeper in Europe.

Pickford / €29M

England national team’s goalkeeper is the most expensive English keeper in history. Last summer, Everton paid €29M to Sunderland. For many people, one of the best keepers that England has given.

De Gea / €25M

Currently Machester United’s goalkeeper and he will remain being it for some more years. Famous fax truncated his signing for Real Madrid and this will be his seveth season with the red devils.

What is clear is that coaches start to be aware of the importance of having a lock in their goals and they opt for astronomical signings for their teams.



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