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Triggering goalkeeper

In the last weeks a lot has been discussed about the amazing defensive action of Virgil Van Dijk for Tottenham but, would it have been different if the goalkeeper actions had been others? Could Sissoko have had multiple solutions? Can the goalkeeper be the triggering factor of these kinds of actions?

Let’s start by explaining the action: after the Liverpool lost the ball, Tottenham was able to escape the pressure after the lost and a 2vs1 + goalkeeper situation happened, in which Van Dijk could time and make Sissoko (weaker marksman than Son) shot on goal with his non dominant leg.

From the goalkeeper’s point of view, Alisson must interpret multiple possibilities:

  1. Sissoko’s long distance shot from the outside of the box.
  2. Sissoko’s run is open and the intervention space is wider, long distance shot chance, short distance shot, pass behind the defender and pass before the defender.
  3. Sissoko’s run is towards Van Dijk, the space of intervention is smaller, long distance shot chance, short distance shot and pass before the defender.

In this case, Sissoko decides to run towards the defender, so the space of intervention is narrower. Chances are reduced and there more possibilities of defence from Van Dijk.

At this point…

Can the goalkeeper hasten or trigger the action? Would it be good for him?


Can we train our players so they can make decisions based on the intervention of the opposing team goalkeeper?


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