► Withdrawal improvement plus 1x1 shot positioning interpretation task

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Withdrawal improvement plus 1×1 shot positioning interpretation task

Withdrawal improvement plus 1x1 shot positioning interpretation task
Analysing the competition of our goalkeepers is a task that every goalkeeper coach must perform. But if in addition to that, we are able to create our own goalkeeper training tasks with a transfer based on those errors or shortcomings that we perceive in competition, we will be making a very important quality leap. Today, we bring you a basic but very effective task to settle concepts and that occurs many times in training and match.







The goalkeeper located as in the graph, gives a support- pass line to the goalkeeper coach (GC) located in the half circle. The GC makes a pass (A) for the goalkeeper, at the first, to shot to the mini-goal where the goalkeeper 2 (B) is placed.

Then and after the action, quickly will go back to the goal where again the GC will foot pass to P3 or send a divided ball (C):

  • If the GC makes a pass to P3, he will it control and hit to goal.
  • If the GC sends a ball to free space, the goalkeeper must deciede whether to gamble a shot, holding on goal (it’ll depend on the finalisation situation), or on the contrary, gamble a 1 × 1 with divided ball or anticipating the play.




Attack the ball and not wait for it in support.

The goalkeeper in the mini-goal must hold the shot as much as possible without falling back or losing the body structure.

The withdrawal will be made taking as reference the goal and not the ball. The GC will give the necessary pause for the goalkeeper to be placed before this action.

Discriminate correctly between a shot and a 1 × 1.


Eat up the space when giving support to the ball keeper.

Anticipate or fall back quickly, even before the shot.

Loosing sight of the ball and the game space in the withdrawal. Reduce excessively if in action (C) P3 is very heeled.


We can play with the distance to which we place the goal. In this way, the goalkeeper may have the option to control before hitting.

Instead of being the goalkeeper who’s giving the support who makes the withdrawal and the subsequent action, it can be the goalkeeper 2 located in the reduced goal.

In the last sequence, we can incorporate as another option that the GC can hit to goal in addition to passing or generating a 1 × 1.

We can incorporate this type of tasks during the main part of our sessions or at the end of the session with the group. It is an exercise in a relatively small space and where after dislodging the goalkeeper with the support, we seek correct withdrawal to the goal position, being able to interpret the situation of pass + shot or 1 × 1. So we will give enough time so that, after the withdrawal, he positions correctly.

Once the goalkeeper is being able to correctly discriminate this type of situations, we will give him less time to position and interpret.

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