► Wuilker Faríñez, the most competitive goalkeeper in this America's Cup
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Wuilker Faríñez, the most competitive goalkeeper in this Copa América

The Copa América is on and the best goalkeepers in the world are putting their gloves on to lead their national teams to the top. This is the case of the Venezuelan goalie Wuilker Faríñez, who has powerfully emerged, and a lot of people say that undoubtedly, he will be the best goalkeeper in this Copa América.

The ball is rolling since June 14th in the Copa América Brazil 2019. The whole world has its eyes set on this colourful and wonderful country during the next weeks. Will Brazil win with Alisson? Which Argentinian goalkeeper will compete? Who will be the best goalie? Lots of questions before the start. What is clear, however, (and most coaches agree with that) is that Wuilker Faríñez is one of the goalkeepers to follow, the youngest and the one with more potential.

This young goalkeeper’s life has changed a lot and he will be defending his country goal in Brazil. At only 21 and an admirable present, his actions show we are before one of the most promising goalkeepers on the planet. In the last year and a half, he has enshrined himself in Colombia with Millonarios FC, where he has competed in renowned championships such as the CONMEBOL Libertadores. Moreover, his performance with Venezuela (spectacular before Messi’s Argentina and Tata Martino’s Mexico) has caught the eye and his name is already on the agenda of many high-level European teams.

The interest of big teams such as Barcelona or Arsenal has not affected the ego of this practical, persistent and able of great sacrifices goalkeeper. His close family says his experience in Colombia made him grow up a lot. Also, he became the star of “Embajador” Club and one of the main points of reference in the Liga Águila.

The daily hard training and great deal of effort is added to his big talent to fulfil the dream: becoming the best goalkeeper in the world. In one of his last interviews, Faríñez mentioned that he was ready to take the plunge. His goal is clear: to play in Europe. The Superliga Argentina has shown interest in him, even Mexico has offered a large amount of money. But his aim is playing in a European team, a type of football that perfectly fits his goalkeeper profile.




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